Wholecut Oxford



  • Description

    This variation on the typical Oxford shoe is constructed from one single piece of leather seamed in the back. Its sleek, elegant look takes “less is more” to a whole new level.

    – Made-to-measure, all sizes and widths available
    – Toe style: Round or small square
    – Detailing: Plain, one line broguing, wingtip broguing or medallion
    – Material: Suede, calfskin or a combination of both
    – Colour: 12 hand-painted leather colours, 5 suedes, and more
    – Sole colour: Black or brown
    – Construction: McKay construction (⅛” sole) – $645 or Goodyear welt (¼” sole) – $695
    – All customizations included in price

    – Rubber sole
    – Wool interior
    – Matching belt